Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Got My Number


Got another call from "Urgent Message" so my mother picked it up, because she was expecting a call from someone.

ANOTHER scammer trying to get information, and she starts confirming bits and pieces for the supposed supply company.

The moment she goes for her Medicare card, I stop her, and the guy gets REALLY persistent, no matter how many times she says she won't give that over the phone.  Finally hangs up, I look at my mother's card, and then it hits me.

It never occurred to me, but is so obvious in hindsight, that the number is also a person's SSN.  I showed the card back to my mother, and told her to read the number.  She looked confused, read it, and as she got to the end, OH my gods, that look of realisation that washed over her face was fantastic, and she really sees how easy it is for people to just get caught in these things.  Maybe because she would have too, if I wasn't sitting right here.

The advice to not give that over the phone MIGHT actually stick this time.


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