Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 15 - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

"You know you want me, baby!"

Not saying much this week, since I just cleaned all the dust out of my computer from the past year, and I am sneezing my head off.  But there are always a few thoughts.

Poor Raul Julia.  This was an early film of his, and it shows.  He's still watchable, but the rest of the cheaply made strange movie just drags him down.  Ugh, the pain.

I do enjoy Pearl's telethon.  They absolutely nailed the PBS style of telethons, including the low production values, the off-script bad speaking, the shameless self promotion...and Pearl's song is just so, so pointless.

"Never show a better movie in your crappy movie"  Ah, so this is where I picked that rule up from.  Another influence of MST on Trisk.  And the fact that the movie heavily references Casablanca, to the point of using several scenes and characters, allows the gang to poke fun at Casablanca, without *actually* poking fun at it, which is a good way around something like, oh, outright mocking Hamlet.

As a science fiction fan, it drives me up the wall to see movies try and make future sounding words and names.  And this movie does that in spades.  Aram Fingal?  Dopples?  Flavo fives?  This gives the guys SO MUCH to riff on, rightly so, and they never let up.  Servo almost explodes in rage from the silliness.  Great, great stuff.

"This movie just hates anteaters!!"
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