Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Grey Legacy

So, since Jeopardy has been rerunning the Watson episodes this week, parents wanted me to put something on at 7 instead of the usual 7:30.

Ah ha, says I, we can finally watch Tron Legacy, and lead things off with the original, because I know they've not seen it in YEARS.  And, why not, really?  Do both!  Make a thing of it!

And it was fuuuun.  Rewatching the two back to back, I really noticed a lot of things in Legacy that I missed in other viewings, since I've not watched the original in a few years, since I got the DVD, if I remember correctly.

Also, sitting down to just sit and watch and enjoy Legacy as a fun escape, instead of thinking about it, picking it apart, I actually enjoyed Legacy all the more.  And I'm one of the few people that LIKED Tron Legacy when I saw it in theatres.  It still has flaws, but I just had a blast watching it, and it is some amazing spectacle, and I forgot how awesome the music was.  The movie really cheered me up, and I'm glad my parents liked it, although I could sense some restlessness with the first one.  It is VERY early 80s, isn't it?

But there will always now be the memory embedded in my brain of my mother humming along to Daft Punk.


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