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MST3K Rewatch Week 14 - Hamlet

Hamlet!  Effing Hamlet!!  I love and can't believe that actually did Hamlet.  It is just hilarious in concept.  Mike's way of pulling it off, is great as well.  Trying to trick the Mads into sending him a real movie, he wins...but then Pearl pulls one over on him and sends him the worst possible version of his request.

In fact, the host segments were top notch in this.  Find the Lady, and the whole bit kicking off the show with Htom Sirvueax.  And Hlick me. XD  That kills me to this day.  Boning for Dollars is a cute bit as well, and the ending with the talking Hamlet doll...and his insanely long string to pull, because of the long speeches.  Bwahaha.

I love this episode, because I'm a drama geek, and been in my share of Shakespeare.  And it was such a treat going up against such a sacred cow.

"I supposed there isn't much chance for a jetski chase in this movie, is there?"

One of my clearest memories of this movie is Kielle's experience.  This was her first experience with Hamlet, the first time she'd ever seen it, and it ruined her for it, for a long time, until she finally got shown a PROPER version, and showed that it wasn't all sucking, it was just the performance.

Mike and the bots naturally mocked the production values, or lack thereof, and that gave them plenty of material.  But I am so glad they didn't shy away from mocking the lines themselves, even though they come from the Bard himself.  Especially picking apart the classic "To be or not to be" soliloquy.  This version of Hamlet just goes to show how much of a difference a production makes.  Good players can make something bad better, and bad players can butcher a classic. 

I am still baffled at why they almost never cut away to the ghost or the play, and instead stuck with a single performer while tons of dialog went on elsewhere.  At least in the play, you want to see Claudius's reaction, but c'mon!

And yes, my musical choice is Hamlet summarised to the tune of American Pie.

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