Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Looks like the internet is all back to normal after the hiccups caused by the storms.  Now it's just the *normal* flakiness of the thing I have to deal with!

I got away from the infernal machine yesterday to take in a movie, and I'll be posting my thoughts on that in a bit.

We got through the hurricane more or less intact here, in my corner of VT, but the rest of the state is a bloody mess, making it a nightmare to get anywhere.  The worst we had was the road washed away over a culvert, and they fixed that right away.  In other areas, whole chunks of main, paved roads are just GONE.

My mother has been saying endlessly how all this damage is unbelievable, and while I am thus endlessly mocking her for describing the expected results of a hefty hurricane drowning the state as unbelievable, I *do* completely understand the awe behind her sentiment.  I really wish I was better equipped to go out there on my own and take pictures of the damage further away from here.

In the meantime, until I post some reviewy goodness, I am gonna grab a nap...


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