Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 12 - Shorts Volume 2

A slight delay because of hurricane. ;)  Another disc of Shorts to wrap up the third volume of DVDs, so let's see what randomness plops out of my head.

Catching Trouble - This little film about big game hunting was...kinda disturbing.  Even the cracks from the gang didn't lighten up that much.  I am so glad they started rooting for the animals, and even apologised.  Geeze.

What to do on a Date - "With each dial, he comes closer and closer to the most humiliating moment of his life."  That just about sums it up. ;)

Last Clear Chance - Ahh, the days when local cops would visit every teen and talk to them about responsible driving.  I love these more blatantly obvious PSAs, because they come off as propaganda, and the guys have so much fun with that angle.

A Day at the Fair - Why yes 4H, we get it.  You think you're awesome. ;)  Living in Vermont, with a fair right up the road starting right about now...I kinda have grown to despise fairs.  So I quite enjoyed poking fun at them with the MST crew.  Best part had to be the "All Girl Squad" singing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Keeping Clean - Well, this is a PSA more comic fans need to watch. ;)  I kid!  But anything that lets the guys make a Kafka reference is automatically awesome in my book.

The Days of Our Years - "If there's a reverend in it, you know it's gonna be good!"  "Amen!"  Man, I just wanna say, these Union Pacific railroad PSAs are freakin' DARK!

A good random batch of shorts, really.  No real clunkers.  A mix of PSA, educational film, and just odd stuff.  My faves would have to be the two Union Pacific shorts, since they ARE so dark, and the guys' humour is almost awkward, and all the more funny because of it.  The running gag in Last Clear Chance of trying to get the cop to go away and stop telling his horror stories is hilarious, and UP actually managed to up the horror with the reverend in Days, which I wouldn't have thought possible.

Tags: mst3k

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