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Power Struggle

Sooo, this is ironic, or something.

I have an interruptible power supply for my computer, that I have my monitor, the PC itself, and the DSL router plugged into, so if the power goes out, I can say so, and make a run for it.  I have about 15-20 minutes, so I can even ride out the majority of hiccups.  Which we did have one that lasted about two minutes during the hurricane/storm.

So, we never really lost power, aside from that, which is fine.

But you know what screws me up?

When the *internet* goes down.  That...I can't do anything about.  I was fine on power, all set up, but the internet?  THAT screwed me!  Gah. ;) And since I have no cellphone service here, I can't even tweet to let people know, without venturing out into the wind that FINALLY reached us.

Which is a reminder, if I am having problems, I will usually try and post something to Twitter to say, "I'm alive, but unavailable!" so that is the best way to check my lifesigns if I've gone completely incommunicado. Which you all know is rare.

Out for ten hours, and I finally got back online...and because things were sluggish, I did a few refreshes of the modem and PC, and it took another 90 minutes or so to reconnect to the DSL service.  Oopsie.  I'm back online, and I'll live with the slow speeds for now.


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