Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch  Week 11 - The Sidehackers

"Help, I'm sidehacking and I can't get up!"

We're back!  Took a week off because I was watching for the first(ish) time the newest MST3K DVD set, and last week I got dragged off to errands when I wanted to watch.

Once again, the bots are acting like children, begging to stay up and watch the movie...although that begs the question of their sanity.  I always liked that characterisation in the early days, where the bots acted like they were kids, though.  Because they were, in a sense.

I've commented plenty about my lesser like of the non scifi films, but this is definitely an argument for them.  The story is pretty typical with a wafer thin plot, the acting is bad, and there are long stretches of bike riding and fighting followed by more long stretches that give the guys lots of great spots for jabs and riffs.  Good stuff, really.  Heck, they go right from a lengthy bike race, to bike training.  Geeze.

Is sidehacking a real thing??  It's too bizarre not to be.  And check it out, it is.  And it only seems slightly less silly than in the movie.

As bad as the movie is, there IS a kinda clever shot with the camera only picking up one guy's face in the bike's rearview mirror.

I forgot about the Sidehacking results overlay!  That killed me.  That was brilliant.  Did they ever do that elsewhere?

There was one *weird* bit where I think Joel actually said larnyx?!  Not much time for retakes, I guess. ;)

And this movie also had some great running gags, from Cooch's name, to the never ending call they gave whenever someone said Rommel's name.  You know what I mean.  They did it JUST enough that there was enough time between the jokes that you didn't quite get sick of them.  Although it came really close sometimes.  Still, they straddled that line just about right.  The runners definitely helped this be a solid episode.

To wrap up, the last running joke, although more of a condensed collection, that had me cracking up was all the shots at the 'day for night' scenes that were...not very night like.  That kind of film making is why MST3K exists.


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