Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch - Week 9 - Atomic Brain

"Dick Van Dyke had a better English accent!!"

Oh gods, the accents on those girls.  For that reason alone, Mike and the bots had reason enough to mock this movie.  So, so terrible.  And utterly hilarious.

Loved the opening bit with Crow as Doctor Forrester, and turned around to Forrester as Crow!  It's a cute little injoke, and actually managed to be topical with the movie.  Funny, that.

Ack, there's another short.  Like I didn't just watch a half dozen of these...  This was, "What About Juvenile Delinquency?" and all I have to say in response is,  What about it??  Seriously.  They had some great jokes in here, but what the heck was the deal with that short?  It was barely even a PSA.  It just kinda puttered out with...I hesitate to call it a cliffhanger.  Thanks for offering zero input on how to solve the problem, Centron.

"Public access television just isn't very good..."  I love the irony of that line, considering MST3K's humble beginnings on a local channel in the middle of nowhere.

The Atomic Brain...  A movie about a woman trying to prolong her life by transplanting her brain into a young, nubile, beautiful woman.  Straight outta the 50s with incredible dodgy science.  Frankenstein would be proud of the non-technical technology.  This crappy 1950s scifi schlock is the meat of the MST3K buffet, and they rock this episode.  Not as hilarious as Pod People (But a GREAT call back to that episode that had me rolling), but still good stuff.  A good return to form after the randomness of the shorts.

Tags: mst3k

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