Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Credit Where Credit is Due


Not sure quite where to start with this, so let's just dive in.

Awhile ago, my mother and I went to do some shopping, and the credit card bill came in over the weekend.  Parents have two cards through the company, one that we shall call card A, the other card B.  They're not supposed to use the latter card, for whatever reason.

But, the charge for shopping that day came in on card B.  My mother, she of the not quite perfect memory, insists she didn't use it.  Well, I figured out where we were that day, and found the receipt she got, and the card numbers match up with the card she says she didn't use.  For most people, that would be end of story, right?  You simply misremembered which card you gave, and screwed up.  No big deal.

Well, not in this house.

No matter how much evidence is presented, my mother will NOT accept she used the wrong card.  I thought, ok, two cards through the same company...someone somehow could have screwed up and put it on the wrong card.  At least, until I found the receipt, and that made it clear who it was that goofed.  But not to mom!  She says the machines must have somehow read the wrong number off the magnetic strip.  HIGHLY unlikely, to the point of impossibility, IMO.

But no, you point THAT out, and suddenly my mom says she might have given the right card to the cashier.  Ok, but they still swipe the card with the same machines, or failing that, put the numbers in manually.  Which is not what ANY bit of evidence suggests.  The only way the things at the point of sale get the numbers is off the cards, ergo, you know which card was given.

But no!  You point that out, and my mother STILL won't accept it.  She says both cards are in the same name, and easy to confuse.  Not really.  Names are meaningless to anyone but the cashier to confirm the cardholder and the person standing there are one and the same.  They don't run the card through as "Jason's Mom's Card" and then they assign the number to the bill later down the road.  That might have been the way they handled billing back when my mother did bookkeeping (Does that terrify anyone else to think about her doing?), but not so much these days.

But no!  I pointed that out, and since she's pretty much out of excuses at this point, she just scoffs and says that "Well, people make mistakes!"

And man, has it been hard to say, every time she's said that, "Everyone makes mistakes except for you, huh?"

So, she decides to call the billing company. a massive waste of time.  She doesn't dispute the charges, she's going to pay them, but she wants to know why the Card B was billed.  Argh.  No wait, she wants to know why there are two separate bills.  Well, gee, maybe because there's two different cards??

But then I am utterly shocked when she either outright forgets what's going on, or outright lies about the situation to the customer service monkey.  She tells them she doesn't understand why it's on the one card when she knows she used the other, despite everything we've said.  And then she says it's impossible for her to have used the other card, because she doesn't keep it in the same place as her other cards.  She...only did that on Sunday, AFTER getting the bill.  When I remind her of this, she just says, "Nonono, the card was completely separate from the others, in the same place, right behind the other card I used."

Yes, seriously.  It's in a completely different place...right next to the other card.

She's been getting increasingly belligerent and stubborn when we point out her spotty memory, but wow, this just reached whole new levels.

I probably munged up some of the details here and there...


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