Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 6 - Pod People

"It stinks!"

Oh, this is classic.  This is THE prime example of MST3K, right here.  A lot of people say Manos, I say Pod People.  This was one of my first episodes, and it is one of their best, in my not so humble opinion.

It is a near perfect movie for them.  It's an  ET ripoff, it has terribly bad acting, a shoddy  plot, so much padding, too many plots of shoddiness, and more fog than a London street.  The material here is endless, and they make great use of it.

Another this is yet another movie with footage during the credits from somewhere else!  What is up with that?  And can I see that movie instead?  Same thing goes for he Cave Dwellers credits footage!

They seemed to forget this over time, but I always liked seeing random moments of innocence in the bots, like when Tom asks what boobs are.  It's cute, it lets them make silly jokes...

Almost every good MST3K seems to have a musical number.  These serve no purpose other than to pad out a film, and half the lyrics are indecipherable.  Which gives us five minutes of gibberish that the guys try and translate.  Great stuff.

Another favourite thing going on in Pod People is how many running jokes they had here.  The huzzahs with the RenFaire loser, the MacLeod call outs...  Running gags are MST3K bread and butter.  It's amusing the first time you hear it, and just gets funnier.  Because unlike some other shows, they know just the right amount to use, and when, to pace things out.

I will openly admit, if you're a reader of Triskaidekafiles, then this right here is where I swiped my occasional references to movies A, B, C, etc, when a film goes off the rails with too many unrelated plots for too long.  It's an obvious joke, and I'd probably still have come up with it, but every time I make a crack about which movie I'm in now?  I am thinking of Pod People.  I am not ashamed to admit it.

Love this episode.  The humour is firing on all cylinders, and even the host segments are good; making fun of the song, the cheesy synth pop music, and the goofy stop motion telekinesis.  This is MST3K.

"There's no way out of this movie!"
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