Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 4 - Catalina Caper

"Cue the made for tv music!"

I'm of two minds about this episode.  I always prefer when they stick with the scifi/horror stuff.  The real world, mystery movie type stuff always feelds kinda meh to me.  However, they do often get good jokes out of those, I'm just not as interested.

So yeah, on the one hand, not their usual flavour of film.  On the other hand, well...this is an early episode.  21 years old.  My gods, this episode can drink now.  I didn't quite find myself *laughing* during this episode.  I guffawed a few times, but mostly I was just smiling.  Which is just fine too, it just didn't quite tickle me as much as many other episodes.

Which is a shame.  This movie DID feature the use of one of my favourite things they don't do enough, interacting with the movie they're watching.  That can be hard to do, to be sure.  But anytime Mike or Joel stood up and looked over a barrier on screen, I loved it.

I haven't said much about host segments yet, since I usually use those to make a quick run to the fridge, or check stuff online, but I did enjoy the running gag of Tom's obsession with "Creepy Girl".  He was just so into her.  And the song was nice and silly.

The movie was good for them though, with a lot of oddness and strange happenings.  If not for the buckets of padding, all the singing and dancing, that basically had Joel and the Bots spinning their wheels and making the same jokes, this would've been a better riffing, I think.  Another highlight was the comedic relief of Agent Pratfall, as I call him.  He wasn't funny, but the guys made good use of him NOT being funny, for them to be funny.

Another just OK episode with some good laughs, but not terrible.

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