Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 2 - The Creeping Terror

I liked this one better than Skydivers in almost every way.

It had better laughs, and the plot, such as it was, was way more coherent than the previous movie.

But wow, what a bad movie.  The inconsistent narrator who talks when other people are already talking, and shuts up when nothing is happening and you WANT him to talk!  The title is half right, as there is much creeping.  This is the rare monster they COULD run away from, and NO ONE DOES!!  Sure, zombies are slow, but they at least have numbers on their side.  This was just one slug carpet for most of the movie.

And wow, what an explanation the movie gives us at the end of the film.  They're mobile laboratories eating people to analyze them and send back data?  There must be easier ways.

Overall, another fun MST3K experience

"The narrator's gone rogue!!"
Tags: mst3k

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