Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey



My vision does occasionally have its downside.  Other than, y'know, just being poor.

Saturday afternoonish, I was searing off a slab of meat for parents to braise for dinner.  Typical means of doing this are hot pan, with a little bit of oil, and flip it over once the meat unsticks in a few moments.  Not looking to cook the meat, just brown it up.  There's other ways, but this is the one I'm familiar with.

So, I lean in to see if it's loose yet, something I am not familiar with having only done this very few times before. came loose, quite suddenly, and shook lovely hot oil right into my face and shoulder.  Fortunately, it was mostly shoulder, and my shirt took the brunt of it.  But I did get a nice glob on my lip, and I discovered this morning that my nose must have gotten a tiny drop on the very tip

Mostly, it stings.  A lot, but less so now.  But I'd made little comments about this on Facebook, and hey, I can elaborate here, having more than 250 or so characters to cram my story into. ;p

But that?  That was a learning experience...


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