Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Escape From Jason's Brain: X-Men - First Class

Oooh, new X-Men movie.

BOO that there was no after credits sequence.

But what did I really think about the movie itself?

Ho-lee crap, I...I really loved this movie.

No really.

This might be my favourite X-Men movie.

This might be my favourite Marvel movie!

The plot in brief, is how Charles Xavier met Erik Lensherr, discovered the existence of mutants, and formed his first band of students.  But really, this is Magneto's story.  His quest to find the man who tormented him and made him the man he is today is as much a driving force as anything else in this movie.

And the casting is amazing.  James McAvoy is a great young Xavier, and Eric Fassbender is astounding as Magneto.  The former plays that smarmy charm yet creepiness you would expect in a young Xavier, when his powers are still novel.  And Fassbender is  He gets Magneto.  He plays every shade of the character; the nobility, the fear, the arrogance, the rage, and the monster.

Even then, the other roles are well done as well.  I'm not going to go through every single person because I can't remember everything and everyone, but there' a big old thumbs up from me to almost the entire cast.  Some actors are better than others, naturally.  And there's a few weird performances, the most notable one in my brain is the young Erik's outrage at his mother's death.  It was a little TOO much to the point of being almost silly, which for that moment?  Not a good thing.

I'm not going to nitpick the various bits of continuity that are different from the comics, there's no way this could have been the comics.  This is the movies and they established a wildly different continuity from the very first movie, and this sticks *mostly* to that continuity.  There are still a few things that don't quite match up with the other movies, but nothing that I found truly jarring or offensive.

And of course, there are lots of little nods to the comics and movies.  There's a cameo in this movie that is flat-out brilliant and a high point of the film.  I won't ruin it here, you should see it for yourself (Boy do I feel like a hypocrite now...) and lots of quick little bits and pieces, like seeing Storm, and Magneto's stolen Nazi gold.

This was a two hour long movie, and it was just the right length.  There's very few slow points where things dragged.  The pacing was pretty solid.  When things get slow, you *wanted* them to, to catch your breath and let them build the plot and characters.  And then things ramped up again.  The montages of recruiting and training were both fresh and fun.  Such scenes could be tedious, but they were just the right length, and done in such ways that they felt new, and not forced at all.

There is SO much I am not even mentioning, because this movie was jam packed with goodness, I can't even remember it all.

Oh, Emma's diamond form in this was a much improved version over the one seen in Wolverine.  And no, I am not even going to try and explain the two Emmas.  They can't be the same character, so I am just going to roll with that.  This movie's Emma is so much better, and so very Emma.

If you liked the first few X-Men movies, this is pretty much a must see.  You know if you want to see this by now, most likely.

Is it my fave, or am I just in a good mood after a good X-Men movie, following the mediocre ones of the last few years?

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