Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

I Find Your Lack of Pants Disturbing

One of the 'big' announcements of the DC revamp is to lessen the sexualisation of their heroines, and basically deciding to give them pants.

Now, the sane, rational response to this is either "Whatever" or "Good!  Give women sensible clothes!"

And then there is the response of an associate of mine.

"Goddammit.... superheroines do not need pants!  This proves Johns is a moron."

Yes, that's right.  He's pissed about it.  He's so pissed that he's outright calling people morons. Yes, it is moronic to stop objectifying women in comics and make them not be about the titillation for the 12 year olds.

He hopes that comic journalists will pick up on this and mock DC's decision.  Now THAT would be moronic.  Anyone mocking their decision to bring their views of women into the 21st century would be utterly BLASTED in this day and age.

If anything, I hope comic journalists pick up on it and take the asshats to task that don't want to give up their wank material and instead bitch that DC is a foul, moronic group for daring to stop showing upskirt shots of Supergirl.

Oh, huh, I guess I just did.

Of all the things to bitch about whatever DC is doing...

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