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Nicole Grey

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Rap Session

I've been having this thought all day, post Rapture Saturday (Or Rapturday as I called it)...

Everyone is unsurprised at the Rapture not happening, but it occurred to me; what if it did happen?  What if all the truly faithful were called up?  I don't mean in a fanciful "I wonder what would have happened..." kind of way.  I mean, maybe the Rapture actually did happen yesterday.  But not a single person on this globe was worthy of the honour.

...And I'm not sure what that says about my faith in humanity. ;)

I mean, I always knew I was going to be sitting right here no matter what, but it's something to think about.  And somehow, I would be unsurprised at whatever God might be out there just shaking his head at the state of things today.

And I'm rambling...


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