Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


My mother's memory, or lack thereof, really drives me up the wall.

I know, surprise, right??

But because she can't remember shit, she 'discovers' stuff to be horrified over and over again, and acts like it's new information that she's never encountered before.

One example would be some of the doorjambs of the house that once were feline scratching posts.  Every few weeks, she'll walk down the hall and shout, "Oh my GOD!  Those cats are RUINING this molding!!  I can't believe this!!"  The cats haven't attacked those doors in, I dunno, five years?  More?  But she forgets the damage, until she notices it again a few weeks later.

But the one that really gets me, is my comics.

You've all seen pictures of my room by now, you've seen the stacks.  Every week or two, she'll poke her head in my room, and declare that they're getting so tall!  They're going to reach the ceiling soon!!

You know how long I've been hearing this?  How long those stacks have been there?  Ten years.  You know how many comics enter this house on a weekly basis.  The stacks have not reached the ceiling yet.  I am constantly maintaining them and moving stuff into boxes when I have completed series to box away.  I am a bit behind (Need more boxes) but I've never let them get that tall, and never will.

But what really gets me, is that she always notices the 'growth' of the piles, which there is rarely any, but never notices when they shrink.

Which they did several days ago when I put stuff in boxes.

And then today proceeded to bitch about how big the piles are getting WHEN THEY'RE ACTUALLY SMALLER THEN THEY'VE BEEN ALL YEAR.

Adding onto that how she talks about the bonfire she could make, really makes me a little pissed off.


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