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Love and Monsters

So, we've pretty much established my love of cheesy horror.

Heck, my love of good horror, but I digress on that point.

It just now occurred to me how this intersects with one of my other interests, and it's pretty damned obvious once the connection clicks.

Doctor Who.  Anyone who watches it enough knows the show skirts around the edges of horror, often diving right into the deep end.  The show is known for driving kids behind the couch.  And what's more cheesy than classic Who?  The rubber suits, the cheap effects, the wobbly sets, the rock quarries.

So of COURSE I love me some Doctor Who.  He's the scifi cousin of cheap, cheesy horror.  And I say that with all the respect in the world.

Like I said, obvious in hindsight.  One of those things you know, but never really think about, and feels almost revelatory when it hits you, despite realising you've always known.


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