Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Kicking Back and Throwing Back

After my dentist appointment the other day, I randomly looked in the back of the gas station where I was grabbing some coffee, and discovered that Pepsi/Dew Throwbacks were back!

Grabbed two of each to stock up, and not spend a stupid amount of money, since they've been limited returns in their few previous incarnations.  But after poking around a little to see when they came back, I discovered...THROWBACK IS BACK FOR GOOD!  It's permanent now!

Awesome, and about time.  Dew still tastes a little odd to me, but each time they've come out with it, they've improved the formula, and I really like Pepsi Throwback.  Almost more than Coke, and I *love* Coke.

And yes, I find it most amusing of all that I found these real sugar sodas after my dental cleaning.


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