Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

An Interesting Idea

Today, my mother was about to ask me a question, and I was dead certain it would be one she always asks me, since it was asked at a time when she usually asks me that same question.  I was visibly annoyed before the question was asked, and she mixed things up on me, so yay.

But then she tried to offer an explanation for her repeated questions.

"Did you ever think I just do it to annoy you?"

To which I replied, "Well then, there's two things you should know.  One, you're succeeding.  And two, it makes you sound like a moron who can't remember anything."

And the unspoken #3, "And it makes you kind of a dick."

I highly doubt that's really the case nine times out of ten.


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