Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Oh man.

So, I actually *like* NBC's The Event.  It's got problems, and has had its ups and downs, but on balance it's a decent hour of entertainment.

I just saw that the ratings for the MUCH hyped, two hour return were down 26% from their previous episode, reaching a new series low.

That's...bad.  And it's a shame, because those two hours were probably some of the better episodes of the show.  They've answered some things, really moved the plot along, and have reworked the show a bit.

Which is a shame, because I *liked* the flashbacks and hope they return soon.  I get dropping the extremely convoluted jumping around the timeline, but they can still give us flashbacks.

If you kinda liked the show but dropped out for whatever reason, you should at least check out it's return, it got better!


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