Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Crack the Vault

Got a few people who will be interested in this...

Reading a recent interview with Tom Brevoort and Ed Brubaker, and they snuck in a nice little reveal of an upcoming book.

They just started doing a series called "Marvel Vault" where they're dusting off old, unpublished, stories.  Likely many of them are old, unused inventory issues that were done up in case a book was running late.

An upcoming Vault issue will be for an unpublished issue of Thunderbolts, featuring Jack Munroe, the former Bucky, Nomad, and Scourge at the time.

So, an untold Thunderbolts story by Fabian Nicieza, an unseen story of Nomad who is no longer with us...I think that's a win all around.

And here, have some art to go along with it.  There's more in the interview.


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