Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

I've Got the Blu-s.

Anyone who's talked to me enough knows I've been meh on the whole HD revolution.  Not so much for any reason of disliking it, but mostly because of the expense of everything needed to really enjoy it.  I also stepped aside from the whole HD DVD and Blu-Ray fight until that got sorted out and cheaper as well.

Recently though, I've had to buy some BRDs because they've got more better features that are just screwing over the DVD buyers.  That is a rant for another day, though.  I plotted that after Christmas was done with, if I had the spare cash, I'd shell out for a Blu-Ray player to finally start the shift over to that side of things.  I'm actually all for HD, just waiting for those costs to hit the right point, and they've been there for a little while now.

Anywho, my player arrived today and I've made a confusing mess of my home theatre setup, even beyond what it normally is, to accomodate it.  Stupid receiver only recognising so many digital audio connections...

Since I still only have an old standard definition tv, hell it's still more curved than the more recent, flatter CRTs it's that old, I can't really comment on the video quality, although from a highly subjective point of view, even on that tv I think I can pick up the difference.  Since I have seasons of Lost in both DVD and Blu-Ray, I may get bored enough to do a side by side comparison.

But the audio is definitely better.  I noticed it right away on testing Lost discs, but even when I threw in some old DVDs to see how they fared, the audio was...better processed?  The audio was fuller, richer, and deeper on almost every level.  Now, I threw in Lord of the Rings, so that has a rock solid soundtrack, but since I'm so familiar with it, even then I could pick up on some details that just weren't there before.  It's not enough to really blow a person away, but I was pleasantly surprised to even get a boost there.

Hello, 21st century!  Now, to just get a tv that makes this worthwhile.  And a home theatre system that can use HDMI cables for the even better audio.  And an HD satellite receiver.  And...can you see why I was waiting??


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