Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Grey Day

I recently bought a new mp3 player, because the headphones on my old one died.

Yes, I could have just bought new headphones, but for half the price of my first one, I get new headphones, and a device that holds eight times the amount of stuff.  Plus, an internal rechargeable battery, so no more pissing through those at a rapid rate.

And bonus, the voice recorder is even better than the original.  I might, MIGHT get back to recording Grey Matters netcasts again.  I did one this afternoon, and am debating editing and posting it later.  Although now I feel like I'm arriving late to the game, while before I was a little early.  Now there's so many comic shows on the net, and mine is just one guy babbling.

We'll see.


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