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More words, and after some comments by my one known reader, I realised I rushed the end of the last chapter (HAH) because I kept having the feeling that I wanted to end it 3000 words before I finally did.  So another 400 words or so got added to it.  I've gone and fixed up the last section with the new words so anyone reading it will see them just fine now.

If you don't want to go back and read through and find them, I post here .
        Fear clutched at the girl's heart, and she once again had the sensation of the beating stop.  For a split second it was as if everything had frozen.  As she stood there staring at the shadowy figure every thought and no thoughts at all passed through her mind.  Too much flashed in front of her mind's eye to make any sense out of any one single thought.
        She froze there with her hands stuck to the stone she had sought to use as protection.  Instead it felt as if she had become part of the stone, a piece of it that had long ago been carved into the form of a frightened girl.
        At last the stone set her free, or her survival instincts kicked in and she pulled her hands away.  The wound in her upper arm was throbbing harder than it had since Darien had performed his field surgery on it.  Worse even than her head had been throbbing all day long.
        With her hands able to move again, Kelly's feet tried to make their own movement, but the girl in control stood there still.  Every instinct in her body told her to move.  Told her to run from the Ferryman, but what good would that do?  If it was her time, it was her time.  You can't outrun death.
        That thought at long last made Kelly's feet move.  She felt the ground shift beneath her, long dead leaves push aside as the soles of her sneakers shuffled about.  She may have thought she could not outrun death, but Lord knew she was going to try.
        At least, she would have if the gut wrenching pit in her stomach didn't make Kelly's knees buckle with the first step she tried to take.  Instead of taking a single step forward, Kelly found herself staring up at the sky.  It was a clear, moonless night, and overhead she could see stars peeking through the leaves that reached out over the clearing.
        Kelly thought she had hit her head as the darkness seemed to swim around her and into her field of view; so dark it was that it even blotted out the stars.  She came to realise that it was just the figure hovering over her, walking around her.
        This was it.
        She had no fight left within her.  Maybe she did, but what was the point?  Death stood over her, literally.  What could she do at this point, throw twigs and leaves at it?  Her one possible weapon had been taken from her at her moment of greatest need.  And so she lay there.
        Kelly had always hoped to have a better end than this, a better end than dying alone on her back in the middle of nowhere.  She knew the Ferryman would be there no matter what her deeds, no matter where she was.
        She waited for him to reach out and offer some sort of calming words to ease her into the next life.
        When the figure spoke though, it did not sounds like Alyson described.  Kelly didn't know what to think anymore as the figure addressed her by name.
        "I've waited a long time to find you, Kelly Scott."

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