Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Simply Amazing

I'm looking at a few pages from the new issue of Amazing Spidey, and watching the shitstorm of reactions to Peter asking the newish character Carlie Cooper to be his girlfriend.  Everything from her being a Mary Sue, to just a bad character, to boring, etc.

I personally have nothing against the character.  In almost any other situation I could even get behind Peter dating her.


Peter now has this huge black mark upon him.  A gigantic stink that has been writ large upon the entire character.  A decree from on high.

Marvel has outright said, and even hammered it into canon, that PETER PARKER SHALL NEVER HAVE A RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL GO ANYWHERE! (booming voices)

If he ever has a serious relationship, it must be destroyed, to the point where we may need to wheel out THE FREAKING DEVIL to undo 25 years of history to make sure it never happens.

I may disagree with it, but I do understand the viewpoint of desiring to undo the marriage.  But when you become so vocal about it, and how wrong it is, and how it was the biggest mistake ever made in Spider-Man comics, you make it hard for Peter to ever have anything more than a casual relationship.  So why should I ever care about Peter's relationships again?


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