Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So, it looks like doing the next watching of a Trisk movie early, while waiting for Ripper to get here has put me in an oddly good place.  It put me basically a movie ahead, and I just finished working on the next post, which won't go live for another week.

The review after that is set to be watched soon, which won't go up for another month, and so on...I accidentally stumbled into getting ahead and to a point where I can front load these things and not have to worry about cramming them in last minute and rush through them.  Also, I get to actually take a stab at scheduling more than "Oh crap, it's the 29th, where's another movie?!"

Fingers crossed that this might actually let me get a movie out in November, when I'm tied up writing my own crappy horrory stuff.

And if I'm ever stuck waiting for a DVD to get here from a slow shipper, it's no big deal.

Funny how some things fall into place when no one's looking.


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