Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

A Good Day

Despite having a gigantic knot of pulled muscle and pain in my side, today was a pretty good day.

Got out of the house, read some decent comics, made my zero-alarm chili which was so very yummy, sipping down some iced coffee right now, and have everything but the actual writing for a future Trisk review all done.  Movie watched, notes done (Which is most of the writing) images made, baked, and uploaded...

I've got it set in my head for this to be the end of the month review, and want to try a few things to do that.  Why isn't it next?  Because I wanted to do another movie first, it's just NOT HERE YET.  But there's no reason NOT to post this one soon, I'm just stubborn and set in my ways.  I wanted to do the other one first, so by damn, it shall be posted first!!  I'll just watch it  later!  Heck, I could post what I've got tomorrow, but I want to save it for a little later so there's not a huge gap between reviews.  I had an opening in my watching schedule, so grabbed the first piece of garbage I thought of. ;)

On slightly less 'today', I was jotting down the movies I want to get to next, and realised I actually have a plan of movies through the end of the year.  When did I get organised??


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