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SciFi Changes

Well, SFC is bouncing stuff around starting this weekend, so it's gonna be fun.

Friday's is new Invisible Man, Farscape, and Lexx, the latter of which has it's third season premiere tonight. I'm tempted to check the show out again. Also, I'll be watching Stargate at some point.

Tomorrow, there is another new episode of Farscape (Oooo, only have to wait a day for a new episode. I feel funny...) followed by two episodes of The Chronicle. Next Saturday, things go to normal, with First Wave, followed by Chronicle, and then Outer Limits.

Now, on Sunday, TNT starts airing the Mists of Avalon miniseries. I know I've pretty much said I'd boycott the channel after what they did with B5 and Crusade, but Witchblade is moderatly amusing, and I want to see how badly they botch Mists.

I'm booked solid for a week.


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