Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Chasing the Dragon

Or, living vicariously through the internet.

I'm a huge fan of the TWiT network, and love the random, insane wackiness known as the NSFW show, hosted by bizarre magician, Brian Brushwood.

Anywho, he's taken the show down to Dragon*Con this year, and they're about to broadcast it live over the intertubes.  They're going to try for a world record of having the most celebrities say lines from projects they've never been in, over a webcam.  You can read more about the Not My Line project over here.

But forget all that!

Well, don't, because I'm sure it'll be cool, but this is even better.

You've heard me talk about the Dragon*Con parade.  You've seen my photos.  Some of you have even been there.  Well, aside from the live NSFW show in a few minutes, TWiT will also be broadcasting the parade live online, starting Saturday morning at 10am.  If you've never been to D*C, and you've always wanted to see the parade, now is your chance.  Or, if you're at the Con and don't want to get up in time and rush, you can watch it live from the safety and comfort of your hotel room.

They'll also be broadcasting parties tomorrow night, and wandering the hotels on Sunday.  You to can attend Dragon*Con virtually by pointing your browser, or capable mobile device! over to

And if you're at the con, I dare you to get on camera and give me a shout out. ;)


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