Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Haven Have Not

So, I've been watching the new SciFi Channel show, Haven, because well...  Hello, Stephen King fan.

But surprise!  It's actually not a bad show!  The cast is funny, they don't take things TOO seriously, and the writing is pretty solid, if occasionally formulaic, and with some nice mythology building going on.

There is one MAJOR thing that's bugging me though.

The show kinda fails on, you know, explaining things.

A few episodes ago, a woman was changing into another woman, to have babies, that were born in a day after conception, and the moment the child was born, the father grew older and died from age.  Unless the child was kept away from the mother and father, and everything was more or less ok.

Why was this happening?  How?  Well, because her mother did it, and her mother before her!

Uhh, ok, but that's not really an explanation.

Before that we had a guy who caused whatever food he ate to decompose when he got angry, like it had been doused in stomach acid outside the body, no matter where it was.

Why?  Well, just did!

Now, to be fair, the show does have their catch-all explanation of The Troubles, something vague that happened in the early 80's, and while that kinda works, it kinda doesn't at the same time.

I can explain evolution better than this show can explain why anything happens.

I'd almost let this slide, but I watch the show with my parents, and it becomes PAINFULLY clear that the show isn't explaining things, because my mother keeps asking why, and wanting elaboration.  And I can't give her any, because the show doesn't give us much.  There's only so far you can go with, "Well, welcome to Haven!" and "It's because of The Troubles."

Before, I could at least come up with some vague "Well they have some weird mental powers" to explain the weirdness but that kinda got blown away when you had a guy that rotted food.

Same thing with the newest episode where a family was shown to be able to stuff people and animals and reanimate them.  Why?  Just because.  And much like the female shapeswapper, it can't JUST be The Troubles, because this has been happening for generations now.

Now, I'm sure there's SOME sort of explanation the show will eventually give us, and it'll probably be suitably vague, but having only half the puzzle now is getting frustrating.

I'm just gonna say the town is built on a Hellmouth.  Which *actually* makes some deal of sense, but the show hasn't provided anything like that yet.  At least Buffy had its MacGuffin from the get go.

And don't get me started about my rant on how the town is full of dicks.

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