Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

This is Bat Country

Well, this morning was an adventure.

I finish eating, hear something in the room, and figure it's just the cats playing with something, or a breeze blowing a curtian.  However, I look over, and what do I see?  A small grey thing circling the room and flapping wings.

"Ohcrapohshit" is about my reaction at this time.

Now, here's a bit of the geography of the living room.  There's one door into the room, and then there's the slider to the deck.  Where am I?  At absolutely the farthest point from these two points of potential egress.  I could not have been more cornered.  Anything I would want to do, had a bat between me and that.

I thought about calling for help, but what were my parents gonna do?  My mother would panic, my dad would grab something to try and smash it.  Both weren't going to do me any good, and probably make it worse.  I figured I'd take a few minutes to try and sort this out myself before bringing in the goon squad.

Oh yeah, and there's cats involved too.  Because this wasn't complex enough.

The bat finally stops circling the room and perches somewhere on the far side, near the door to the rest of the house.  I decided to try something probably stupid and make a run for it.  I stayed way the hell low to the ground, and gave the cat a gentle boot out of the room so I only had to worry about myself.

I slide to the floor, reach the slider, flip on the outside lights, unlook the screen and throw that sucker wide.  I look up, made some noise (Because I apparently thought whistling would make a bat come) and look right up just in time to see the thing fly right over my head like I'm in Free Willy.

It was barely outside before I slammed that door right the hell shut again.  Because with my luck it would've turned right back around again, otherwise.

So yes, I had a fun 4am.


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