Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


An interesting tidbit to a lot of my friendlist that seems to be getting glossed over in Comicon coverage, from the Marvel Cup O' Joe panel...

"One last teaser, an animated one — and an interesting one. The Crossgen sigil logo, then fire covering it, transforming it into another, similar logo. Quesada said he couldn't comment on it any further."

And it is noted that Disney did buy some of the CrossGen asets.


And an alternate take from a different report: "The Editor-in-Chief then showed an animated logo teaser showing the original CrossGen Comics "Sigil" logo being burnt up and transformed into a new version of the sigil with "2011" being placed in the corner of the image. Some in the crowd seemed not to take the meaning of the teaser, but Quesada didn't add any other commentary to say for sure whether it meant the classic CrossGen characters would come back to comics."

Adding: in this video Joe discusses it a little, and says they'll be doing some CrossGen stuff! Too early to talk about it, though.

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