Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

I Have the Powwwwerrrrrrr!!

Lost electricity tonight, right around 8 o'clock.

Parents grabbed the emergency lights we had laying around for just such occasions and those glowing until they got bored and went to sleep.  I'd lit a candle long before then, and was just kinda sitting cross legged by my computer and thinking and watching the candle.  Thinking that this is way more light than I have going at night.

But as I say, eventually they got bored and wandered off, so I shut off the lights, leaving only me, and the candle.

I grabbed my TWiT pillow, laid down on the floor, and just stared at the ceilling, listening to nothing more than the sounds inside my own head, and the rain dripping outside.

For someone who stays as connected as I do, I truly love those moments.

The candle finally got to the point where the wax was too melted and starting to put the flame out, more than fuel it, so I blew it out, and plunged myself into darkness and silence of 10pm with absolutely nothing running in the entire house.  No fans, no computers, no tv, no appliances.

Loved every second of it.

But I'm glad to be back, all the same. ;)


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