Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Puppet Remastered


Another post about Trisk, just to point out a little project I worked on with the new remastered Puppet Master DVD.

First of all, I changed the images in the original Puppet Master review to now be from the widescreen version, since they are, IMO, far superior to the originals.  I much prefer using the better, wider images.

But probably of more interest, I realised that since I had all these images, exact copies from the original and the new version, I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast the sets.  It turned out really well, and makes the differences between the two versions VERY clear.  I also have some comments on each pair of images and my thoughts on them.  No terribly deep insights, but there they are.

I rarely get to see just how much difference there is when movies get remastered and cleaned up, even when I have both versions, since I can really only watch one at a time. So doing this with so many side by side (Or over/under I guess) comparrisons REALLY made it clear to me, and fans of the movie might like to get an indepth look themselves.


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