Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


So I tweeted the general idea the other day, but I felt like elaborated, and putting it down in a post.  And it gives me something to post today.

Was out the other day, runnign errands, and was grabbing some Father's Day stuff for dad.  Cuteish redheaded, cashier at Wal-Mart smiled at me and asked what I thought of the weather.  Now, it was rainy and cold out, and she asked it in that sarcastic "Gee, isn't it WONderful??" sort of way.  But, I love the rain, and the cold, so I just smiled and said, "Actually, I think it's great.  I love it."

Now normally that gets me the, golly he's strange looks.  And she gave me one of those.  But she smiled back and all of a sudden her tone was, "Oh, I do too!  Isn't it great?"

My limited understanding of the complex mating rituals of humans informs me that such a random and sudden change of heart, to an opposite position just to share common ground with another can be classified as flirting.

I am both baffled and intrigued by this happening to me for like the first time...ever.

Unfortunately my limited understanding left me stuck at 'baffled' so I finished my purchase and conversation, and left the store.



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