Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Destine-y Awaits

So, since comics didn't come in on Saturday as usual, and I just happened to look right at it when I was thinking what I would read until Monday, I finally picked up the ClanDestine hardcover that cyclopsscott got me for my birthday over a year ago.

It goes without saying that I love Alan Davis.  I'd quit comics for about 18 months when the comic first came out, and had limited funds even if I hadn't, so I gave the original run a pass.

Man, that was a mistake.  This is some really good stuff.  And naturally, Davis' art is pretty damned good.

I've always loved how Davis uses light and shadow in his art.  His crosshatchings for various effects.  The sense he can give to something being ther that's not just by using shadows is amazing. And his astral forms that have no shadows, but are two colours with one being filled in where shadows and black would be...just looks so damned good, and always has.  There's a large number of reasons he's my favourite artists.

I love these characters, this family, and its a shame there has not been more stories with them.

Solid, fun stuff.


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