Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Angel Vol 3 #33 Regular Cover B 
Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #34
Dazzler One Shot
Fall Of The Hulks Savage She-Hulks #3 Regular J Scott Campbell Cover (World War Hulks Tie-In)
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #48 Regular Rodolfo Migliari Cover (Brightest Day Tie-In)
Green Lantern Vol 4 #54 Regular Shane Davis Cover (Brightest Day Tie-In)
Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2010 Las Vegas Cover B Fracundo Percio
Guild #3 Jim Rugg Cover
Justice League Generation Lost #2 Regular Tony Harris Cover (Brightest Day Tie-In)
Marvel Zombies 5 #3 Regular Leonard Kirk Cover
Power Girl Vol 2 #12
Secret Avengers #1 Regular Marko Djurdjevic Cover (Heroic Age Tie-In)
Secret Warriors #16 Regular Jim Cheung Cover
Superman War Of The Supermen #4 Regular Eddy Barrows Cover
Teen Titans Vol 3 #83
Thanos Imperative Ignition #1
Thor Vol 3 #610 Regular Mico Suayan Cover (Siege Epilogue)
Thunderbolts #144 Regular Marko Djurdjevic Cover (Heroic Age Tie-In)
Transformers Vol 2 #7 Regular Cover A
Wizard Comics Magazine #226 Jonah Hex Movie Cvr
X-Force Vol 3 #27 Regular Adi Granov Cover (X-Men Second Coming Part 9)
X-Men Origins Emma Frost #1
X-Men Second Coming Revelations Blind Science #1


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