Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Fringe 2x22 - Over There pt 2

Two different shows with alternate worlds and zeppelins watched by me tonight.  Weird coincidental timings on my part.  Bonus points to anyone who can guess the other.

A pretty solid episode, although no real surprises.  But a well done example of writing.  Nothing special, but a solid piece none the less.

I saw that ending coming a mile and a half away, the moment Bell was knocked out and helped up by an Olivia.

I feel most of the pieces laid out over the course of the two years really came together in a solid fashion, while still leaving stuff open, and raising a few more questions.

Like just what was the device Peter was playing with?

Can anyone guess my favourite part?  If you said twin redheads, give yourself a cookie.

I'm going to miss Nimoy, but his sacrifice was well done, and well set up.

I loved the alternate world DC Comic covers, although none of them really made any sense.  Can't wait to get a good look at them when the DCU Blog posts images.

And even though I saw the Olivia swap coming, it does still put things in an interesting place for next year.  And I bet Anna Torv is going to have a blast playing the bad girl next year.  Hopefully for an extended arc, and not just one episode.


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