Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x16 - Why They Died

So, no big surprised that Jack has taken up the job.

Who else COULD it be?

Jacob - Jack.  C'mon.  It was practically a gimme.

And it helps justify why the character survived past the pilot, after their original ideas to kill him off right away.

Plus, he's arguably the star of the stars.

The otherflashes were interesting, as they had to play catchup to get everyone over there in place for the concert.  That's going to be a huge collision, and I honestly can't wait to see what happens.  And what that all means.

I was a little surprised to see Widmore killed off.  Zoe, not so much.  Locke's reasoning for that was great, though.  As was Ben's reason for offing Widmore.

Yay to getting some answers, like why Kate's name was crossed off, what this is all about (In some ways), and why Jacob chose them.

There've been a lot of nitpicky lists of questions that people say NEED to be answered, and most of them are more like questions they WANT answered, and there's a difference.  A lot of those things they say need to be answered are good things it would be nice to know, but not exactly important to the story.  There are a few questions that need answering, yes.  And fingers crossed we'll get most of them, and a few others that would just be nice.

But if it's a good story, and doesn't leave giant gaping things like a character coming back from the dead and never explaining it, I'm good to go.

Also GREAT to see Mira Furlan return.  Yay, Delenn!

It also hit me while watching that this is the last regular episode before the final episode, and it was just sinking in the entire hour.  Sunday is the last time I'll sit back and see a brand new episode of Lost.  I'm still processing that, and it feels momentous and strange.

But I can't wait.


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