Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Fringe 2x21 - Over There Part 1

I liked the opening, good way to give us a glimpse, and also kick in the WTF factor.

This episode brought a LOT of stuff together, and even being a two-parter, does anyone else think there was almost too much going on?  Broyles and friends bust into Massive Dynamic, blaming them for selling weapons to the other

Where did that come from?

Aside from out of nowhere?

I can piece it together, but it's still sudden and random, IMO.

Over There is instantly better, because it makes blondes redheads.

The ending was a bit meh, because it's hard to be on the edge of your seat when you're staring at a MacGuffin that we have zero idea of why it's a MacGuffin.

A decent build up, a bit over packed and uneven, but it is just a part one.  We'll see how things turn out after next week.

Tags: fringe, let's talk about, television

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