Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x15 - Across the Sea

Well, that explains everything.

While I was really pulling for Bernard and Rose to be "Adam and Eve", I'll say that I much prefer the actual version we got.  It's much better thematically and more important to the overall story.  Bernard and Rose would've just been neat.  The man in black and Jacob's 'mother' is a much better answer, and more satisfying to the narrative.

And even though this episode was packed with answers...does anyone else find them to be a little hollow?  "I'll create a mechanism that will harness the light and the water to leave the island!"

Ok, so that's where the donkey wheel comes from but...that's oddly specific and yet completely vague and meaningless, isn't it?

Same thing with the origins of the smoke monster.  Ok, it was Jacob's brother, who was kinda killed and tossed into the golden light.  Ok, fine.  Why?  What?

He was tossed into the golden light and became the smoke monster.  But in the words of the Cat from Red Dwarf, "But what is it?!"

With only three hours and change left, I still have some hope that these answers will be fleshed out a bit more, they almost have to be as these pieces have been put into the place.  These are more like half answers, the parts we need before we can *really* understand things.  And while I think we'll make sense of things in a more meaningful way than just 'Magic golden light!' we are cutting things close.  And I really REALLY hope this show can pull shit together satisfactorily by the end.

All that said, I still really enjoyed the episode for what it was.  It DID answer things, in its way, and the cast was great.  It's a testament to a show that an episode with almost no regulars can still be as engaging as usual.  I am glad that they tied in the moments from the first season, because it will save me trying to explain things to my parents.  At least a little bit.

I do feel that the show has slipped into a bit of the BSG trap, where they wasted a lot of the first half of their final season, and then realised, "Oh crap, we have five episodes to wrap things up!" and then run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  There was a bit of fluff at the start of the season that maybe could have been handled better.  We got around to the point of the flashsides and trying to tie those into things too late in the game.

Fingers crossed.

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