Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x14 - The Candidate

Yeah, I pretty much guessed the double meaning of that title right away.

Anyone remember that running gag?

Wow, kinda.

This was a pretty quiet episode, comparatively, at least until they got on the sub.  I think we all knew how that was going to go for awhile now, although I did have the backup theory that Smokey needed Jacob's/replacement's permission to leave the island, and since he didn't know exactly which one had been chosen he was just going to take everyone with him so they would essentially all 'let' him off the island.

Getting them to blow themselves up on a sub?  Probably a more dramatic solution!

Goodbye Sayid, Jin, and Sun. =(

That really hammers home that this is IT.  We are in the final days.  Anyone can go.

The loss of those three really affected me, especially Sayid, but it didn't *really* hit me until Hugo broke down.  Just thinking about his reaction now is almost enough to start me bawling.

We are rapidly running out of candidates, and NotLocke seems determined to whittle that list down even further.  I want more episodes now.

And just to briefly touch upon the Otherverse for a moment, it slipped back into pointlessness for me.  At least it had people noticing there is a shitload of coincidence biting them all in the ass.  But this had a lot less of stuff being pulled together, and was just Locke not wanting to get spinal surgery.  Zzz.

I *did* like OtherJack using the 'I wish you'd believe me' line that Locke used in his suicide letter to Jack.

So, in memory of them, what was your favourite moment with Sayid, Sun, and/or Jin?

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