Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Century and a Half


150 episodes later, and I think I'm done with Family Guy.

I've had issues with the show for awhile now.  Jokes that run overly long and they don't know when to stop.  The thrice damned chicken fights...

Tonight's 150th episode spectacularrrr was A) not funny.  At all.  And B) pushed the one button I do not find funny and turns me right the hell off.

I do not find ANY humour whatsoever in eating shit.  That's my limit.  That's my boundary.  Some might call it strange that I can find a kid eating his parents cooked into chili as freaking hilarious, but this is too much.

And yes, odds are I'll forget by next week.  But for now, I'm grumpy and annoyed.

It may also be the heat.


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