Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Walking Time

So, finished Alias last week as treadmill viewing.  Still a great show.  But the problem of what to watch next cropped up.  I want to get the last few 24s before diving into that, same with SG-1.  I've got a few options, but the one that leapt out at me was the RTD years of Doctor Who.  It won't take me long to go through all those episodes, but by the time I finish up, it'll be pretty close to the Moffat series' DVDs to come out.

Plus, it's a blast to see Eccleston again.  And I'm hoping my mother sees him and asks who that guy is, and I can remind her again about how her reactions to Tennant leaving and being replaced by Matt Smith are EXACTLY THE SAME as when Tennant came on board.

And now, back to watching Gwen Cooper's ancestor fight ghosts in 1869.


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