Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x13 - The Last Recruit

Let's just dive right in.

And with that line, things kinda kick off, don't they?  Everyone's back together on the island, however briefly.  The threads in the side flashes are being pulled ever tighter together at long last.

There's some big stuff in this episode, but it still ultimately feels like a chesspiece moving episode, where everyone is getting put in place, or getting there, for the big finale.  Lost has at least one of these every season, and I guess this is it.

But hey, we got to hear confirmation about Jack's dead dad in those early episodes.  I cheered.

We got to see Desmond's boat again.  Interesting.

Speaking of cheers, Jin and Sun!  Jin and Sun!  Together again at last.  The show could NOT end without putting those two back together.  So glad we got that, too, and it just seemed right.  The right time, the right way, and thank the Maker the stupid aphasia subplot is gone gone gone.

It's hard to believe we're really in the home stretch now.  Just a month left.  And tonight really had that feeling of things rushing towards the end as every takes their places in both universes (Or whatever).  I really love seeing the alterniverse finally getting it's shit together as everything collides and comes to a boiling point.

And I'm still pretty sure that the alterniverse takes place at some point in the futurish kinda place.


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