Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x12 - Everybody Loves Hugo

Yes, I chose those words very deliberately.

Kaboom. o.o  Did NOT see that coming.  Poor Ilana.  The island doesn't like keeping it's toys around, does it?

Is Hugo listening to an actual Michael, the smoke monster, the island, or Something Else entirely?  Are they to be trusted?  I have zero clue.

Speaking of Michael, he sure does like blowing up boats, doesn't he?

I find myself...oddly affected by the destruction of the Black Rock.  It's such an iconic thing to the show, even though we've only seen it, what?  Three times before tonight?  But now it's gone boom...

Now, things I *did* see coming, was Desmone being shoved down the well.  Once I saw him there, I knew where he was going.  I liked the visual callback to Locke dropping the torch into the Hatch.

And now we know why we got a story about Locke when he was dead.  I'd been justifying it because I was hoping the side flashes would start to tie in with the main reality, and we would need some context on where he was so it wouldn't be too weird when we got around to more important things.

Like being run over by a car.

If we'd just seen tonight's episode, there would be too many questions, and the previous episodes with Locke and Ben gave us context and setup.  Which was my hope for these things all along.

I am still very curious to see just where this alternate world fits into things at the end of everything.

And I feel bad I don't have much to say about Libby...


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