Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Now We Talk! Lost 6x11 - Happily Ever After

Got the episode, watching it now.  At least I'll be able to write down comments as they come to me and I won't forget half of them.  Prepare for extreme stream of conciousness.

First off, obviously, YAY Desmond.  Probably my favourite character on the show.  So of course his return is when the lightning comes in. =P

To quote Brad Pitt, what's in the boooox?  I've got my theories.

And none of them involved a gigantic magnet...  Although that makes sense, considering.  Yes, something on Lost makes sense.

Desmond destroyed that chair in record time.  Many a captive could learn things from him.

I love the scotch callback.  He finally gets his glass from Widmore. ;)

Aaaand still Charlie and Desmond wrapped around death.  This is gonna be fun.

The parallels to them being trapped with a door between them underwater, to season three's finale is just chilling.  And tossing in the flash from that episode just makes it all the better.  And that Desmond seems to be aware of those events...finally, slowly, we're getting to what I've been asking for for WEEKS, I think.

Of course, it always comes around to Desmond, magnetics, and pushing buttons.  I am amused.

Ok, that look that Eloise gave Des was a wee bit TOO knowing for my tastes.

Oh now THAT is interesting.  I could spend days speculating about how much she knows, where they are, and just what has been violated.  Yeah, this was a sucky episode to miss.

The stuff with Faraday is...yeah, more of that.  My mind is buzzing with what all this means and where it's going.  GAH!

Desmond seems awfully ok with heading out with Sayid.  And it is most curious what our Desmond saw, and which Desmond woke up in the alternate world, since we didn't see Desmond pass out in the original.  Hmmmm.

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