Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Odd Day Out

So, I've not had the greatest week.  Nothing major, just a lotta things dragging me down with them, like the proverbial millstone around my neck.  And yeah, some of that leaked over to affect my thoughts on Avatar, but I was also aware of that while writing them down, so did some compensation.  I could have written something a lot longer, and a lot more pissed off, but I knew where my head was at, and was a little more charitable than I wanted to be.  Still, some of that probably still affected my thoughts despite my best efforts.

Then came today, and a dentist appointment.  Now, a lot of sane, normal people would have heaped the regular cleaning atop the pile of shit they'd been wading through, and yet...

While I was waiting my turn in the office, I just noticed that, of all things, I was smiling.  Downright grinning.  I have zero idea why, I don't really care either.  It was just this weirdest sensation.  It was just this absolute pure moment of "All is well, things are gonna be ok".  Which hell, I knew that.  None of the crap I was in was THAT bad, which is why I haven't troubled much of anyone with it.

And believe me, it certainly wasn't the fact I was at the dentist.  It was just this random place I was at, out of the house, no noise in my head, no other voices of other people, just a moment to myself where my mood just randomly shifted back to normal.

Such a strange morning.


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